Some of the finest hunting in the South

Hunt Davis Island

YOUR opportunity to enjoy davis island

Special K Hunting Club is located on Davis Island, the alluvial land between the MS. River and the Louisiana levee. Trophy bucks, strutting turkeys, bears and plenty of other wildlife are abundant on the island. Every aspect of Davis Island can be seen on the 2000 privately owned acres of the club.


  • $15,000.00 per gun for the 2017-2018 season

  •  Limited to 20 memberships

  • 2815 Acre privately owned hunting club

  • Possible barge fee to access island

  1. To create a safe and fun hunting environment and experience for our members, their families and guests.   
  2. To continually work to improve the land and its amenities while keeping the cost reasonable for the membership.

  3. To manage the game on the property in a manner to create the following:                                                          
  • Allow the bucks to reach their full potential by keeping the harvest of young bucks to a bare minimum and harvesting bucks 4 1/2 years and older.
  • Keeping the harvest of young does to a minimum.
  • Create a healthy buck-to-doe ratio.

cost of membership:

goals and objectives: